About Us


Goprodigy is a well-respected IT consultancy, maintenance and solutions provider with an enviable client base in Kingston, Jamaica. Goprodigy was founded in 2012 as a family business and provides a unique blend of technical experience and business skills with a solid understanding of the IT industry.

Over the past 3 years, we have successfully penetrated the IT industry with particular accomplishment in Point of Sale and Anti-virus solutions and support for the retail industry and system administration. With the evolution of more sophisticated solutions, Goprodigy has forged strategic partnerships that allow its clients to access flexible and affordable solutions that integrate with existing operations whilst providing capacity for growth.

 Our Vision:

 To be a leading supplier of IT solutions within the Caribbean through continuous certification and strategic partnerships with IT and telecommunications solution providers.

 Our Mission:

  To inspire confidence by offering state of the art information technology solutions and support services to clients in a cost effective and practical manner. To assist our clients to harness technology and maximize the added value and efficiency it can bring to their core business. To offer a vast range of products and services to our clients that will meet and address the challenges of a fully functional IT infrastructure.